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Security SetUP

Secure Your PC

Secure yourself

Our computers are an active part of our daily lives and we can’t deny it.

In an everyday world, where digitalization fully took place, data is the new currency.

Everyone is looking for it: brands, hackers, competitors, terrorists. They will do anything in order to obtain it.

  • Setup a malware on your PC
  • Track your IP and find your physical address or phone number
  • Sign-up on a website scam, using your e-mail address
  • Insert an USB Stick into your PC
  • Break your Wi-Fi password
  • Securing Your PC
  • Was Never This Easee

Securing Your PC

Was Never This Easee

EaseeControl is a unique tool that helps you to get control of your data. It provides you the latest security solutions available and it keeps your PC and yourself out of any online risk.

The good thing is that our PC has a different behavior after is has been infected with a virus.

How EaseeSecurity Works

That's so simple

The application is built and designed to make your life easier and simpler.

It’s designed to be Easy-To-Install and Easy-To-Use by everyone. You control anything that happens within the app:

  • Turn ON/OFF the Automatic Backup of your files
  • Turn ON/OFF the Encryption of your Data
  • Turn ON/OFF the Optimization Passwords Features
  • Turn ON/OFF Incognito Mode
  • Turn ON/OFF the Automatic Update
  • 100% control / secured

Take control of your security by downloading the app or calling our Tech Experts to help you with it.