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Easee. Control your tech experience!

EaseeHelp is more than just a monitoring agent - it’s a faster way to fix your tech issues. People that choose

EaseeHelp App have more time for themselves and for the loved ones. They do their business faster and have more time for their loved ones. Plus, they are far more happy than before

Get secured and private and stay



You can describe your tech issue and schedule a callback with one of our Tech Experts. As you get comfortable, someone will fix the tech issue for you. Easee!

Tune Up


Improve your computer performance by at least 25%. You can do your business faster and then spend the time as you would like. Easee!

Virus Removal


Your PC can run slow from a lot of causes, but mainly because of viruses. Get safe by removing any chances of risk. Easee!

Scan & Analyze


Scan, analyze and implement automatic settings, tailored on your PC specifications and your needs. Easee!

Privacy Control


In order to be safe, preventive measures have to be taken. Get control over your data now. Easee!

Network Scan


From a basic speed test, to identifying potential threats into your wireless connection. Threats are all over the placed. Get rid of them. Easee!