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Privacy SetUP

Privacy is Key

To your liberty

We live in the tech & internet world, where anyone has access to your data. Even if you can control who has access to it, you are not private.

There’s a thing that you can’t control: other people’s decisions.

Data Access

Take control of your data

After the access to your data has given, you can’t control what they do with it.

They promise they don’t make it public, but who says they are not using it.

Some use it just to deliver your product, but some, use your data in negative ways:

  • Sign-up on a website scam, using your email address
  • Buy stuff from the internet, using your card credentials
  • Register to newsletters, using your name

Being private on the internet

Was Never That Easee

EaseeControl App is a unique and secure method to keep yourself private on the internet. You can control anything about your data. With this, your security will be maximized.

  • Surfing the web without showing your IP Address
  • Hiding your Card Credentials from anyone
  • Setup your browser settings

How Easee Private Works?

Let’s find out more

The application is built and designed to make your life easier and simpler.

It’s designed to be Easy-To-Install and Easy-To-Use by everyone. You control anything that happens within the app:

  • Turn ON/OFF Incognito Mode
  • Start/Stop Low-Profile Surfing
  • Maximize/Minimize the level of privacy protection
  • Turn ON/OFF Best Privacy Settings
  • Turn ON/OFF Password Optimizer

Take control of your data! All you need to do is download the app or get a Tech Expert to help you setup your privacy