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It’s Easee

to get your printers issues fixed!

EaseeControl App is a unique software that helps you solve your printers problems faster. All you have to do is download the app and open a ticket. One of our Tech Experts will pick up from there, while you comfortably wait.

Printers Issues

Fixed by Tech Experts
  • Duplex printing error
  • Split text
  • Split graphic image
  • Regularly spaced spots at small intervals
  • Unable 46
  • Standing by ON/OFF to resume
  • Grey print or gray background
  • Processing cleaning page
  • Unable to mopy job
  • Horrible clicking noises
  • Media full
  • Defaulting to fax
  • Comm.Error
  • And so much more

Tech Experts

Ready To Fix Your Issue

These days, printers can cause a lot of problems. From setup and start-up, to charging problems, to printing itself.

When you encounter a problem with your printer... It’s Annoying! We believe having someone when you need, is important.

That’s why we cover a wide variety of printers brands, in order to be sure that we can help you: HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox, Microsoft , etc.